De Vries Experience Studying the subject of leadership in organizations International., De Vries and Mead (1992) presented an outline comprising three spheres of influence in the development of the leader or Manager, international. In the field of child development, the authors placed of adaptability (development of ambition, realization and self-confidence, cultural diversity in family, early international experience, bilingualism, adaptability) and factors (self-confidence, responsibility, curiosity, imagination, critical ability, vision, leadership skill of communication, centric values, expectations and objectives of making a career). By AD research and early monograph in the professional sphere, should be developed during the training and education phase analytical, professional skills, the study of other cultures, in international environment and the study of languages. In the phase of administrative development, the person must have responsibilities since soon, handle multiple tasks, have early international experience and internalize the values of corporate culture. Regard to family relations, the spouse must be adaptable and apoyativo, the sons should show easily to be changed and the family interests several. Swarmed by offers, Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs is currently assessing future choices. In the organizational sphere, structural arrangements should be geocentric, i.e. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out James Donovan Goldman Sachs. There must be a complex network of interdependencies between the headquarters of the company and subsidiaries; the structure must be rasa, heterarquica and multicultural. In addition to that, people management practices should include planning and accompaniment of racing, the management of returnees, selection criteria, planning for succession and communications. The development of international managers is the result of the confluence of factors existing in the three areas. The authors conclude that, in addition to predisposition to become an international leader and exposed to the influences of the three above-mentioned areas, the evolution of the global leader in a more advanced practice...

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