Spiritual Values Women's way of thinking is different from the beginning of man's peculiar understanding of the reality of spiritual values. In connection with this type of household gifts lady will sometimes not so much as antiquarian books or engravings. This aristocratic gift will create a magical and aesthetic pleasure. It is clear that almost all the ladies - with the birth domoupravitelnitsy, own recipes, expertly know how to cook, sew, and organize a household, However, all this daily routine care. A soul like fairy tales, new experiences, exclusive experience. Just want to relax. In order to anticipate the pleasant sensation of your presentations, impress the heart, make an attempt to buy an amazing vintage prints and the same book. Positives will not be boundaries. Prints made on cardboard, with views of the era of ancient Japan, the Middle Ages or the Renaissance average illusions any Ladies, add to it everyday a new experience. Considering the typical cardboard engraving, suppose the picture ladies past years to give women the opportunity to connect the personal charm, to show the dormant womanhood, will the novelty of her world, and most likely will force a new way to treat family and friends, will affect the taste of cooked food, wrapped wave of inspiration. We are silent about harmony in the marital relationship, the birth of new dreams thanks themselves literally everything, even the role of heroines in movies. It is possible that a gifted wonderful book, written under the old days, a woman breaks out the desire to estimate the plot itself. This gift will make it, will make even more exciting, because you will present her new psychological portrait. Gift for female birthday will be an old book or rare print in a good condition. This gift can show generosity age without a shadow...
Educate Or Domesticated ? When we ignore what education means, we run the risk of taming our children and students. In fact, it is ignored in the family, school, media and government education means that education is the series of processes to create the character, the trial and increase the understanding of learners Unfortunately in Current school or a character, or a trial or increases intelligence. All it does is clutter of information to someone who is likely to use Domestication is the process of adapting the animal to an environment and that is precisely what the "education" to children. No one is quite well educated, nor no one is quite rude. We are all on a scale of gradients. What are the attributes of an educated person? Free, creative, leader, ethical, intelligent, communicative, enterprising, visionary. It is difficult for a educated person is unemployed What are the characteristics of a domesticated? Passive, dependent, introverted, apathetic, obey blindly, it is probably not used to which the study. What are the signs of domestication in school? The plans and programs of study are conducted in a rigid manner, which does not mean quality education. He overwhelms the student with too much information that has no practical value in his life. The teacher speaks for the whole class and the students just listen. The student is bored. The student does not make sense from time to memorize information, therefore not articulated with the life of this, unless the life of the future.

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