Educate Or Domesticated ? When we ignore what education means, we run the risk of taming our children and students. In fact, it is ignored in the family, school, media and government education means that education is the series of processes to create the character, the trial and increase the understanding of learners Unfortunately in Current school or a character, or a trial or increases intelligence. All it does is clutter of information to someone who is likely to use Domestication is the process of adapting the animal to an environment and that is precisely what the "education" to children. No one is quite well educated, nor no one is quite rude. We are all on a scale of gradients. What are the attributes of an educated person? Free, creative, leader, ethical, intelligent, communicative, enterprising, visionary. It is difficult for a educated person is unemployed What are the characteristics of a domesticated? Passive, dependent, introverted, apathetic, obey blindly, it is probably not used to which the study. What are the signs of domestication in school? The plans and programs of study are conducted in a rigid manner, which does not mean quality education. He overwhelms the student with too much information that has no practical value in his life. The teacher speaks for the whole class and the students just listen. The student is bored. The student does not make sense from time to memorize information, therefore not articulated with the life of this, unless the life of the future.
Sevillian Olympic From 9.30 hours in the morning will take place the 28TH Marathon city of Seville, which will depart from the track of the Olympic Stadium in Seville.Sunday 19 February celebrates the marathon city of Seville will be made through a completely urban circuit, homologated by the RFEA and AIMS. Will this already classic Sevillian test run by the following route: track athletics Olympic Stadium (per tunnel South), road under the viaduct of the Alamillo, road access to Avenida Carlos III (in contramano), Avenida Carlos III, the Alamillo Park, turns in Glorieta CTRA Huelva, Avenida Carlos III, Marie Curie, road of discoveries, Italica door road direction door Santiponce of the Park of del Alamillo, Interioralvaro Alonso beard, Jose de Galvez, Puente de la Barqueta, Glorieta Duquesa de Alba, Councilman Alberto Jimenez Becerril, Glorieta Olimpica, Juventudes Musicales, round urban SE-30, Mayor Manuel De el Valle, CTRA de Carmona, Maria Auxiliadora, Reccared, Avenida Menendez Pelayo, the Florida, Luis Montoto, Avda Buhaira, Pablo Picasso, Ave. in Kansas City, Macedonia, Antioquia, Santa Clara in Cuba, Montes Sierra Avenue, Avenida Utrera Molina, Tamarguillo round, Ramon and Cajal, Ave. Garden City, Gran Plaza, Avda Eduardo Dato, Ave. For even more analysis, hear from Senator Richard Blumenthal. San Francisco Javier, Diego Martinez Barrio, Cardinal Bueno Monreal, Avenida Manuel Siurot, Glorieta Guadaira, Glorieta Plus Ultra, Avenida de La Palmera, Paseo de las DeliciasBower of sailors volunteers, bridge of Los Remedios, roundabout the Cigarreras, Avda. Presidente Carrero Blanco, Avda Ramon de Carranza, Avenida Alfredo Kraus, Avenida Blas Infante, Glorieta Dominican Republic, Lopez de Gomara, Plaza San Martin de Porres, round of Triana, Plaza of the sponsorship, Odiel, Cristo de la Expiracion, tournament, Glorieta Duquesa de Alba, Puente de la Barqueta, Jose de Galvezalvaro Alonso Barba, inside Parque del Alamillo, Vial door Santiponce of the Park of del Alamillo to Italica...

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