Sustainable Development Sergio Barros Alves Rasps Zenilda Teodora de Lima Prof. Msc. Daniel Marcelo Alves CasellRESUMOO State Park of the Blue Mountain range was created by State Law n 6,439/1994, of 31/05/1994 and since then, innumerable actions has been developed in intuitode to place in practical the Plan of Handling elaborated for several technician of the joint SEMAem with the organized society, with the main objective to preserve olocal. In the carried through study, it was defined that one has broken of the Mountain range, to the center, rea of integral protection, having then to be made the dispossession daspropriedades that are there, and its proprietors to be indemnified and to leave to decontinuar with the activities that enjoyed, rank that must be preserved nasua originary form and in entorno, or Foot of the Blue Mountain range, was verified that possvel to have the sustainable use of the place, has seen that there already they had muitosmoradores and today is constituted by some quarters, being that the two reastotalizam 16.000ha. Our study it searched the verification if what it was sendofeito had legal support and the approval of the community and mainly of proprietriosde land in the park, a time that is the people more interested in the subject epara our surprise, everything is in agreement the law determines to proprietriosquerem and them that the situation if decides with bigger brevity so that they can desfrutardo value of the indemnities. Word-key: Park, Support, Tourism, Preservation, Ecology. INTRODUCTION the study on sustentabilidadedentro and in entorno of the State Park of the Blue Mountain range is necessary for queconsigamos to raise given enough and to arrive at a conclusion on aviabilidade or not of the dispossession that is occurring in Blue the State Park dSerra in Bar of Garas-TM, as well as verifying through...

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