Civil Code Early award for execution principal obligation in kind does not imply its termination date of entry into force of the court and does not preclude recovery of interest, penalties and damages and other penalties under the agreement, until the day actual satisfaction (payment in full). Making a writ of execution by the notary is not a ground for denying the protection of the applicant's right to interest on credit and interest for late payment of the loan, as the inscription the executive is not satisfied. Recovery of sums (per cent), Art. 1048 Civil Code of Ukraine is a payment (reward) for the use of funds and collection of amounts under Part 2 of Art. 625 Civil Code of Ukraine is a measure of civil liability for breach of payment obligation. In the cases before the courts, subject to the penalty were the only funds whose size was set by the contract. As a rule, the courts correctly determined by its size. At the same time take into account the provisions of Part 3. 551 Civil Code of Ukraine regarding reducing the size of the penalty, if it greatly exceeded the amount of damages, as well as under other circumstances, having substantial value. However, courts do not always apply the above provision of the law and levied a fine in an amount several times greater than the size of the debt. While this provision of the law is a right, not a duty of the court, however, if there are such circumstances, they should be taken into account by the court, if it refers to the debtor and requests to reduce the size of the penalty.
Protocols and Law It has been amply proven violation of international humanitarian law in each of their shares in contravention basic protocols in combat, though they do not fall under the Geneva conventions simply because this group has no belligerent status, character and dimension axiological regulates human behavior that is embodied in respect for the avoiding opponent, limiting the suffering of the protagonists in the conflict, with the abduction of civilians, the execution of defenseless people, being subjected to the humiliation of detainees by members of this group, the romantic drama description which are exposed directly and indirectly involved in this human tragedy. The moral justification of the conflict appears within the arguments of Thomas Aquinas in Summa Theologiae presented as a just war, on the other hand Ibn Khaldun would show the material causes of the war. Locke talk about the right of rebellion and Marx falls within the class struggle. Incompatibility of characters and interests of those who interact and make possible its appearance from these discrepancies arise disagreements, hostilities, differences from simple to complex. The functionality of it makes it look like a social relationship as positive forces can control their exclusive and destructive potential. The conflict appeared UNAA abnormal behavior in society, the perfect society was seen as a conflict-free society, harmony and agreement among its actors, happiness conceived within a framework of poverty and powerlessness of the imagination, which Estanislao Zuleta in his essay In Praise of difficulty arises: Then we began to invent offshore islands fortunate countries greasy pole.

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