The Territory Adoption Colombians and foreigners residing in Colombia, may not be obliged to take up arms against their country of origin nor the Colombians will be nationalized in a foreign country against the country of his new nationality. CHAPTER II - CITIZENSHIP OF THE ARTICLE 98. Citizenship is lost when it has actually renounced citizenship and its exercise can be suspended in judicial decision in cases specified by law. Those who have been suspended from the exercise of citizenship, may apply for rehabilitation. PARAGRAPH. While the law does not choose another age, citizenship is exercised from the age of eighteen. ARTICLE 99. The quality of an active citizen is essential precondition for exercising the right to vote, to be elected to public office and carry authority or jurisdiction. CHAPTER III - SECTION 100 OF ALIENS. Foreigners in Colombia shall enjoy the same civil rights granted to Colombians. However, the law may, for reasons of public policy, subject to special conditions or deny the exercise of certain civil rights to foreigners. Likewise, foreigners shall enjoy in the territory of the Republic, guarantees granted to nationals, subject to the limitations established by the Constitution or the law. Political rights are reserved to nationals, but the law may grant foreign residents in Colombia's right to vote in elections and referendums on municipal or district. CHAPTER IV - LAND OF ARTICLE 101. Colombia limits are set out in international treaties approved by Congress, duly ratified by the President of the Republic, and defined by the arbitral awards in the nation that is party.
Wedding Photography Wedding - the most significant and solemn event in the life of any person, is stored in memory for a lifetime. Therefore, photographers who shoot weddings, bears considerable responsibility for those memories, which are subsequently materialize in the form of a wedding album. Because wedding photography - is a symbiosis of organic staging and reportage photography, professional photographer should be equally well prepared for both types of work, and be able to navigate 'on the fly. " Gradually, with the cumulative experience of shooting weddings, everyone has their favorite photos appear angles, their 'home-made "for, in general, a standard and similar situations. It is important not to miss a taste of novelty, which, combined with experience will give excellent results. Every wedding is composed of the following conditional steps that need to be kept in mind: preparing the bride from her home; visit the bride and varying degrees of complexity 'neighbors fighting' ('redemption') on the outskirts of the bride's home, a trip to the Palace of Marriages (or registry office), and the ceremony of marriage; walk through the town, a feast (which also can be divided on several conventional steps, for convenience, we shall consider only the beginning of a feast or a full all night 'till the cake'). How and what to shoot when it comes to actually shooting the wedding, the choice is uniquely for 35mm photographic equipment. If the couple want to get a studio wedding portrait (this survey is usually carried out before or after the wedding), this survey is subject to all laws of the studio - medium format camera delivered light, etc.

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