Politicians Are Learning Yes! politicians are also beginning to be meadows, faithful reflection of a society increasingly sheepishly, because only in these circumstances may pose problems that are occurring in this power to locate and control all those who feel they have to devote his life to politics , ie the alleged service of society. Someday we must think how to solve the alternation sheepishly, because in the end, the consequences seem not very encouraging for the progress of our society. Increasingly, it is difficult to find solutions and normally contributed by the many laws that politicians do, not only are costly, heavy, uncomfortable, but in many cases absurd, doomed to a citizen to a situation which prevents sheepishly raise head and not just to be critical of the system but real solutions that will enable to improve the system. One of the first questions that arises is the appropriateness of treating political shift, as if a casual ... But: who can leave work at the factory in the countryside, sea, or in the office for four years and then return as if nothing?. Other issues raised is the ability of management. But: are you prepared to manage, provide, X-euro budget controllable not reached with their pay or have many difficulties to make ends meet? Meanwhile, politicians meadows, to address knowledge gaps, as an alternative that we multiply the political salary, allowing them to accompany and hire a court (called advisers) to rule, but: if a politician needs advisers to govern for serving civil servants?.

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