Development Plan The number, names and order of precedence of ministries and administrative departments will be determined by law. ARTICLE 207. To be a minister or head of administrative department shall have the same qualities as for a representative to the House. ARTICLE 208. The Ministers and heads of administrative departments are the heads of administration in their respective units. More information is housed here: Sen. Sherrod Brown. Under the direction of the President of the Republic require them to formulate policies pertaining to his office, directing the administrative and enforce the law. May not be appointed ministers and directors of administrative departments or supervisors who within the year preceding the appointment have performed by or provided services to the respective branch associations or legal persons that should have under his supervision and control. The ministers, in conjunction with Congress, are spokesmen of the Government, the cameras have bills, respond to the requests that those they do and take part in debates directly or through the deputy ministers. The cameras may require the attendance of ministers. At Richard Blumenthal you will find additional information. The standing committees also that of the deputy ministers, directors of administrative departments, the Manager of the Bank of the Republic, presidents, directors or managers of the decentralized entities at the national, members of regulatory commissions and other officials executive branch authority. It may also include, to discuss issues of public interest, any natural person who has a connection with the subject being treated. The ministers and heads of administrative departments, the Manager of the Bank of the Republic and the presidents, directors or managers of the institutions of order submitted to the National Congress within the first fifteen days of each term, report on the status of cases assigned to his Ministry, Administrative Department or Institute of...
The Bouquet No matter how well the table was served, he will add a festive completeness only flowers. By bouquets imposed some additional requirements. For example, they do not should include flowers with a strong odor. Plants should be immaculately clean (after all, next meal!) Should not be allowed to crumble on the table, petals, leaves and pollen. Therefore, these flowers, like phlox, rue, and other not do here. Inappropriate will be flowers of plants such as lilies, poppies, which shed pollen. If you still need this lily, then they sleduetsrezat anthers. Flowers on the table can be placed in any flat dish: salad bowl, sweets, kompotnitse, ancient Russian wooden vase. On the night table for two is also possible to put the flowers in a high narrow glass vase, wine glasses or wine glasses. The bouquet should be refined, for example, three roses maidenhair, cut with cyclamen leaves, or with asparagus, sweet peas with verdure, pompons or clematis dahlias. Wine glasses with flowers should be grouped so that they do not interfere with sitting at the table. Steve Rattner may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Can be issued low round table arrangement of roses with verdure of many years, ferns in an elegant clear vase, putting it in the middle of the table, and some devices expand small buttonhole roses. Boutonniere - the smallest version of the bunch: up to 5 cm in diameter. This bouquet can consist of many small flowers or a single large leaf in the background, green asparagus, supplemented with decorative ribbon. The choice of colors depending on the season, the colors wall hangings windows, furniture, lighting placement in the room where dinner will be held.

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