The Kingdom Cursed the people who serves the Satan, as the current Government of Brazil. The Devil is untied, laughing to toa in the national politics. It continues imprisoned, but its asseclas catch information with it and spread the lie that says to be truth. The law is being violated. It exists pra to keep order in the social relations, to make the world to be as the dreamed one for God. But, some do not accept that all have the same rights, want to have right more than others and there the domain of the Satan, the rowdy contumacious person starts. You he is Jesus, but the people want that it is the Satan. For assistance, try visiting CIT Group Inc.. For this, they make what it wants. The faith has essential dimension politics, in the direction of the common good, the community (you polish). The faith people need to pray so that Jesus disassembles the power of the Satan and assumes the power that it is of right, by means of the faith of the people: practical ethics, of the right and justice. ' ' Happy the people, whose king is God, whose ethical values are of the Kingdom of God: respect to the next one, solidarity, equality, fraternity freedom, love and peace. The Kingdom of God consists of values, that need to be practised so that it appears. The axial values of the Kingdom of God are the right and justice. God is love. To love is to practise the right and justice. Without this, conjunct some will be heard by God, who abominates practical of the evil and the conjunct that is not followed of the practical one of the good. Nobody deceives God with false conjuncts, abandoned of the practical one of the ethical values.
Getuliu Vargas He did not ignore a party and capoeira. Seeing it as a serious enemy, it is the force unleashed all its might to its eradication, and capoeira has become one of the persecuted and prohibited occupations. Because of this kapoeyristskie group became more closed, and revived cronyism. Came through the Golden Decree, abolishing slavery, freedom, although it has been long awaited, but it brought no real relief for the slaves. They were not accepted by society and forced to languish the existence of a second-rate people. Even more angry and hungry, they went to big cities in search of new life, but there they were disappointed. As a result, Brazil has swept huge wave of vagrancy and poverty. Naturally, the main tool, both for protection and for banditry was capoeira. All mixed up in that terrible time - the art, and robbery. Naturally, in such a mess the government has further deepened the persecution of capoeira and capoeira became final professional stigma. Despite all the difficulties, Capoeira became popular. She began to engage not only the Brazilian mulatto related to the lower class, but people who belong to the black and white races. Were also noted where capoeira engaged citizens of the most respected families, and sometimes visiting foreigners. While the upper class of colonial Brazil, addressed the literature, politics and fashion of Europe, trying to develop the intellect and polished manners, the lower class was only capoeira, which strengthens their body and spirit. In 1930, after the military coup took power Getuliu Vargas.

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