Getuliu Vargas He did not ignore a party and capoeira. Seeing it as a serious enemy, it is the force unleashed all its might to its eradication, and capoeira has become one of the persecuted and prohibited occupations. Because of this kapoeyristskie group became more closed, and revived cronyism. Came through the Golden Decree, abolishing slavery, freedom, although it has been long awaited, but it brought no real relief for the slaves. They were not accepted by society and forced to languish the existence of a second-rate people. Even more angry and hungry, they went to big cities in search of new life, but there they were disappointed. As a result, Brazil has swept huge wave of vagrancy and poverty. Naturally, the main tool, both for protection and for banditry was capoeira. All mixed up in that terrible time - the art, and robbery. Naturally, in such a mess the government has further deepened the persecution of capoeira and capoeira became final professional stigma. Despite all the difficulties, Capoeira became popular. She began to engage not only the Brazilian mulatto related to the lower class, but people who belong to the black and white races. Were also noted where capoeira engaged citizens of the most respected families, and sometimes visiting foreigners. While the upper class of colonial Brazil, addressed the literature, politics and fashion of Europe, trying to develop the intellect and polished manners, the lower class was only capoeira, which strengthens their body and spirit. In 1930, after the military coup took power Getuliu Vargas.
Expression Benefits This article is a look at what would a world without the light of thought, or rather, in what would become the world if we neglect the freedom of expression, if we look at the easy and if we forget the imagination, writing, reading, almost crushed by the media also lack that makes us learn from our history, large, and those who see the world differently than the common. Keywords: Philosophy, Politics, Communication, Literature, Sociology, Arts. Let's pretend the sun. Idealize the world in the dark, or not .... Senator Richard Blumenthal follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Imagine the world without light. So, without the Aristotle who walks in the dim light of his peripatetic teaching in school conversation ... I mean no light. Totally blind, but in a partial manner. Total darkness. Absolute. Divide the electromagnetic spectrum. No white light. No reflection. No rectilinear propagation, ie forget to Newton, Fresnel and young, for this short time without time (even to discard them), they means that no light, return to our circle of ignorant (blind call them) the need to see the light. Just for a moment without time for a moment, an ace, a minute ... May our encounter steps both in the days of busy hours, as in the evening of chat and clubs ... Imagine for a moment, the total absence of light. And then with her, also Iran Hall, politician, legislator and poet. Adam Smith, economist ... Forget those reflective waves, such as Thales of Miletus, philosopher. Socrates, philosopher. Homer, a poet. Sappho, a poet.

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