Expression Benefits This article is a look at what would a world without the light of thought, or rather, in what would become the world if we neglect the freedom of expression, if we look at the easy and if we forget the imagination, writing, reading, almost crushed by the media also lack that makes us learn from our history, large, and those who see the world differently than the common. Keywords: Philosophy, Politics, Communication, Literature, Sociology, Arts. Let's pretend the sun. Idealize the world in the dark, or not .... Senator Richard Blumenthal follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Imagine the world without light. So, without the Aristotle who walks in the dim light of his peripatetic teaching in school conversation ... I mean no light. Totally blind, but in a partial manner. Total darkness. Absolute. Divide the electromagnetic spectrum. No white light. No reflection. No rectilinear propagation, ie forget to Newton, Fresnel and young, for this short time without time (even to discard them), they means that no light, return to our circle of ignorant (blind call them) the need to see the light. Just for a moment without time for a moment, an ace, a minute ... May our encounter steps both in the days of busy hours, as in the evening of chat and clubs ... Imagine for a moment, the total absence of light. And then with her, also Iran Hall, politician, legislator and poet. Adam Smith, economist ... Forget those reflective waves, such as Thales of Miletus, philosopher. Socrates, philosopher. Homer, a poet. Sappho, a poet.
East Java In 1890, in East Java were found fossils of Pithecanthropus (homo erectus), the age of about 500 000 years. Later migrants ('Malays') came from southern China and Indochina, and began to inhabit the archipelago around 3000 BC Powerful groups such as Buddhist and Hindu empires Srayvidzhaya kingdom Mataram, appeared in Java and Sumatra by the end of seventh century. Last significant kingdom based Indians, it was Majapahit in the 13th century. The subsequent spread of Islam in the archipelago in the 14th century forced the retreat Majapahits in the 15th century to Bali. Indonesia includes a full range of diverse societies and cultures. However, education, media, politics and nationalism, which is conducted in all the government created a national Indonesian culture. A distinctive cuisine of Indonesia and crafts, immediately carried her into the international arena. TCF Capital Solutions often addresses the matter in his writings. Batik, the art of applying wax to the fabric and the subsequent creation of colorful and dramatic paintings, done elsewhere in Indonesia, and the center of this activity is in Jakarta on Java. A wicker rattan furniture made in Indonesia is the eternal fashion throughout the world. Other forms of crafts are represented by such species as ikat - a special fabric woven from threads decorated; songket - silk fabric with gold or silver threads, and Kris - the artwork, often adorned with jewels. Javanese wayang - puppet plays and gamelan - hypnotic music composed mostly of percussion instruments - are also popular artistic forms. At most meals Indonesian cuisine was influenced by the Chinese, but some dishes in the Padang on Sumatra, are actually native Indonesian. Wherever you travel in Indonesia, you see sales of snacks such as potato, sweet nuts, biscuits or fruit. Rice - the basis of each dish, he put in...

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