San Francisco The text becomes complex for if to speak of politics, of the interests of the powerful ones, the predominance of the catolicismo and other religions if interlacing with the Tor, arrives to confuse the Real meant of the quarrel on knowing a culture more aboriginal, that we only go to assume itself from the p (197) that it has the sub-heading of Musics, Choreographies and Instruments, speaks of the present time of the Tor in the San Francisco village located in the Bay one of the Traio/PB, describes since its instruments: zabumbas, ganz, maracs and a gaita, the instrumentadores, knobs of musics that if place in I circulate composition for the children, adults, the Chieftain, the Paj of the villages and some people independent of the sex and age. Its Jose resident Bitu in the Cumaru village executes musics of the Tor in the gaita. We want to always call the attention for importance the children gifts in the rituals, dances and of other people independent of the sex and age, men and women who if always integrate respecting the meldica line dictated by the execution of the gaita, beyond the prayer, the choreography follow basic steps, march executed for the gaita, there in this cadence of march some musics are entoadas that if they relate to the Caboquinha of the Jurema and the King of the Indians, rare times sing the Caboclos of the Sea Ceasing the Sand. thus the Tor goes if becoming more frequent in some villages, the also dumb ritual, musics of the Tor are proceeding in such a way from a traditional quantity of the collective memory, as of more recent compositions carried through by some Potiguaras, they include some translations for the Tupi..

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